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Search Engine Optimization

We create websites with online marketing at the core of the strategy. Our in-house search marketing experts are involved at every stage of the planning, design and build process.

There are two parts to optimizing a website for search engines, on-page and off-page optimization. On-page factors consist of the visible elements and front-end code that form a website. By adapting these in line with best practice techniques, we can influence how search engines regard the site when they visit it.

Off-page optimization is the process of increasing the deemed importance of the site so search engines rank a website higher than its competitors. To do this we approach related third party websites and ask them to include a ‘link’ to the site from theirs. Search
engines interpret these as ‘votes’ for the site and they take this into account together with the content on the site to deciding rankings.

Our typical service breaks down as follows depending client specific requirements

  1. 1. Website audit and analysis
  2. 2. On-page code improvement
  3. 3. On-page meta data insertion
  4. 4. On-page content improvement
  5. 5. On-page content addition
  6. 6. Off-page link building
  7. 7. Social media optimization
  8. 8. Tracking and analytics
  9. 9. Creative feedback
  10. 10. New SEO suggestions